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Cardiac Rhythm Management

Dedicated to making our customer's innovative medical device ideas reality.

Providing the resources you need for your medical device

Integer™ provides a broad range of products and services to enable your next generation cardiac rhythm management medical device to address heart disease and heart rhythm disorders through such systems as: pacemakers, implantable cardiac defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization therapy devices, implantable cardiac monitors and other novel implantable devices.

Medical Power Sources

Our battery and capacitor technologies provide a reliable and safe power source for your CRM system, based on decades of research, development and manufacturing experience.

Leads & Therapy Delivery Components

As a leading supplier of low-polarization specialty-coated electrodes and lead components, we provide a full range of therapy delivery development and manufacturing solutions.

Device Enclosures

Integer™ is a leading supplier of medical stamped components, shallow and deep draw casings and assembly.

Feedthroughs & Filtered Feedthroughs

We are recognized for our leadership in custom-designed feedthroughs to meet customer's needs.