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Cardiac Rhythm Management

Dedicated to making our customer's innovative medical device ideas reality.

Providing the resources you need for your medical device

Integer provides a broad range of products and services to enable your next generation cardiac rhythm management medical device to address heart disease and heart rhythm disorders through such systems as: pacemakers, implantable cardiac defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization therapy devices, implantable cardiac monitors and other novel implantable devices.


Cardiac Rhythm Management & Neuromodulation

Empowering our customers to improve patient lives Integer™ works collaboratively with our customers applying over six decades of experience in design, development, and manufacturing of cardiac rhythm management and neuromodulation medical device components and integrated systems to deliver innovative solutions with the highest quality and reliability. We support our customers active implantable device requirements across a […]

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Leads & Therapy Delivery Components

We offer a full range of therapy delivery development & manufacturing solutions specializing in low-polarization specialty-coated electrodes, lead components and fully finished lead systems.

  • Coated Electrodes
  • Lead Components & Capabilities
  • Device Headers
  • Lead & Adaptor Systems

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Medical Power Sources

Our battery and capacitor technologies provide a reliable and safe power source for your CRM system, based on decades of research, development and manufacturing experience.

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Device Enclosures

We make more than 90 percent of the device enclosures for implantable pacemakers and defibrillators in the world. These precision-stamped components include shields for implantable medical devices, as well as casings that go on these devices.

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Feedthroughs & Filtered Feedthroughs

Using our custom design capabilities, along with industry-leading engineering know-how, we produce an hermetically sealed ceramic implantable feedthrough that ensures body fluids don’t contact internal device components.

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