Prevent Heart Failure - Batteries, Capacitors, Feedthroughs, IPGs, Leads

Heart Failure

Medical device solutions from components to complete systems to prevent heart failure.

Innovative solutions for heart failure applications

Our medical device solutions for heart failure started with the first successful pacemaker implant in 1960. It’s why new technologies for heart failure continue to hold importance at Integer. We design, develop and manufacture single components to complete systems for products such as implantable batteries, capacitors, feedthroughs, IPG components and lead components.


Implantable Batteries

We provide standard options for Primary (Non-rechargeable) and Secondary (Rechargeable) cells, as well as customized power source solutions.

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Unfiltered & Filtered Feedthroughs

Integer specializes in the development of custom hermetically sealed ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs & filtered feedthroughs ideal for active implantable medical devices.

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For decades our capacitor technologies have provided a reliable and safe power source for tachycardia devices.

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Lead Components

We work with customers to design, develop and manufacture custom lead components for neurostimulators and other clinical applications.

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Research, Design & Development

We provide design and engineering solutions from DFx to rapid prototypes to complex, finished devices and components that meet stringent quality and regulatory requirements.


We partner with our customers to offer rapid prototyping and provide the technology solutions they expect from our skilled experts.

Product Life Cycle Management

Our unsurpassed breadth and depth across the full continuum of medical device contract manufacturing uniquely positions us to meet our customer’s needs.