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Infusion Therapy & Hemodialysis

Whether developing a single infusion therapy & hemodialysis component or a complete device, we can help.

A full range of product solutions

Integer provides a full range of development and manufacturing solutions for the infusion therapy and hemodialysis market. Our concept development, design assurance, scale-up manufacturing and packaging and sterilization services expand the reach of our customers. As a collaborative partner, we provide a range of products that reduce development costs, minimize program risk, and expedite time-to-market.


Cardio & Vascular

Integer’s Cardio & Vascular business line offers a full range of products and services for the development of diagnostic and interventional cardiac & endovascular devices. In collaboration with customers, we offer comprehensive design and development services across its state-of-the-art research and development facilities. Upon transition to manufacturing, Cardio & Vascular produces components, subassemblies, and finished […]

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Peelable Introducers

Our portfolio of peelable introducers contains both valved and non-valved introducers, with and without sideports.

  • OEM Products

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Guidewires and Stylets

As a world-leading developer and manufacturer of wire-based medical devices, we provide customers access to a deep set of custom stylet and OEM guidewire solutions for a variety of applications including CVC, PICC and hemodialysis kits.

  • Custom Stylets
  • OEM Guidewires

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Catheters for PICC, CVC, Hemodialysis & Implantable Ports

Our catheter engineering expertise & vertically integrated manufacturing allows us to partner with customers in the design, development & manufacture of custom PICC, CVC and hemodialysis catheters & implantable ports.

  • Finished Device Design, Development and Manufacturing
  • Contract Manufactured Components and Sub-assemblies
  • Product Transfers

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