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Market-Ready Products

We provide medical device OEMs quick market access through our deep portfolio of 510(k) and CE Mark registered cardiac and endovascular products.

An established leader in off-the-shelf, market-ready solutions

As an industry-leading supplier of market-ready medical devices to medical device OEMs, Integer provides a broad selection of off-the-shelf, regulatory approved guidewires, introducers, steerable sheaths and biopsy forceps.


Vascular Access Guidewires

Our versatile portfolio of vascular access guidewires and mandrel guidewires provide a broad range of mix-and-match design elements to meet a full spectrum of clinical needs and preferences.

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Angiographic Guidewires

Our versatile portfolio of pre-coat PTFE angiographic guidewires provide over 2000 product configurations to meet a full spectrum of clinical needs and preferences.

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Arterial Introducers

Our market-ready radial artery introducer kit provides quick entry into the radial access market.

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Steerable Sheaths

Our steerable sheaths are designed to provide critical control and support for delivery of therapeutic devices into peripheral and coronary vascular systems.

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Interventional Guidewires

Our interventional guidewires provide medical device OEMs access to a broad selection of guidewires for various clinical applications such as transluminal coronary angioplasty, transseptal access, coronary sinus access, lower limb interventions and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.

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Venous Introducers

Our market-ready portfolio of valved PTFE peelable introducers, non-valved PTFE peelable introducers and step-up introducers support a range of CRM and vascular access procedures including lead implant, dialysis, CVCs, PICCs and ports.

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