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Empowering our customers to improve patient lives, through a robust portfolio of technologies and services developed specifically for neuromodulation.

Neuromodulation devices that meet the customer’s unique needs

We design, develop and manufacture custom neuromodulation devices per our customer’s unique requirements to help improve the lives of patients living with conditions such as chronic pain, Parkinson’s, hearing loss, epilepsy, and incontinence that can benefit from implantable pulse generators, chargers, programmers, and leads. Our patented, vertically integrated technologies, combined with our drive to innovate, also make us a valued partner for critical implantable pulse generator and lead components, from feedthroughs and batteries to lead body assemblies and electrode assemblies. Contact us to make your next clinical application a reality.


Class III Medical Device Systems

As a Class III Medical Device manufacturer, our OEM partners trust us to custom design, develop and manufacture their implantable pulse generators and lead systems.

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Lead Systems

We work with customers to design, develop and manufacture custom and non-proprietary lead systems for neurostimulators and other clinical applications.

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Implantable Batteries

We provide standard options for Primary (Non-rechargeable) and Secondary (Rechargeable) cells, as well as customized power source solutions.

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Unfiltered & Filtered Feedthroughs

Integer specializes in the development of custom hermetically sealed ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs & filtered feedthroughs ideal for active implantable medical devices.

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Header Assemblies

Integer manufactures and co-develops IPG header assemblies for a variety of cardiac rhythm and neuromodulation applications and indications.

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Device Enclosures

Integer is a leading supplier of medical stamped components, shallow and deep draw casings and assembly.

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Lead Components

We work with customers to design, develop and manufacture custom lead components for neurostimulators and other clinical applications.

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Machined Medical Components

Integer provides contract manufacturing and co-development of virtually all types of components for IPG and header assembly. 

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Research, Design & Development

We provide design and engineering solutions from DFx to rapid prototypes to complex, finished devices and components that meet stringent quality and regulatory requirements.

Product Life Cycle Management

Our unsurpassed breadth and depth across the full continuum of medical device contract manufacturing uniquely positions us to meet our customer’s needs.


With hundreds of skilled technicians throughout our global manufacturing sites, our capabilities encompass the expertise required to successfully manufacture your medical device.