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Whether developing a single neurovascular component or a complete neurovascular device, our expert team is here to help.

A full range of neurovascular solutions

Our strong technical expertise enables us to manufacture neurovascular devices and components to tight tolerances that meet or exceed our customers’ exacting requirements and specification. Our breadth and depth of capabilities allow us to support medical device companies with a broad range of solutions including core wires, marker bands, and medical tubing, as well as finished guidewires and catheters.


Neurovascular Microcatheters

Our catheter engineering expertise allows us to partner with you in the design, development and manufacture of custom neurovascular microcatheters that meet your exact specifications.

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With extensive experience and expertise, we specialize in the design, development and manufacture of custom microguidewires designed to navigate complex cerebral anatomy.

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With hundreds of skilled technicians throughout our global manufacturing sites, our capabilities encompass the expertise required to successfully manufacture your medical device.

Quality and Regulatory

We maintain an industry-wide reputation as a manufacturer with high quality standards through enforcement of stringent quality, clinical and regulatory requirements.