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Power Solutions

Discover Integer™'s collaborative product development approach to power your Class 1, 2 or 3 medical device.

Pursuing innovative approaches to power your next medical device

Integer has a powerful legacy in the development of batteries for implantable devices. In fact, it was our battery that powered the first successfully implanted pacemaker. Today, our batteries power over 100 external medical devices. Integer is dedicated to providing complete mission critical solutions through innovative research, development, manufacturing and partnerships to advance the way healthcare is powered. Our offerings include state of the art customized rechargeable batteries and chargers, non-rechargeable batteries and wireless charging enabled systems. As ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered power experts, we want to be the partner of choice for your next medical device. Let us navigate the complex chemistries, technologies and supply chain required to provide you an optimized, robust and reliable power solution.


Advanced Surgical & Orthopedics

We know your market drivers Integer’s Advanced Surgical, Orthopedic and Power Solutions business provides a broad range of products and services. In partnership with its customers, we offer advanced development, engineering and program management. Upon transition to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, components, sub-assemblies and finished devices are now produced for a growing range of surgical […]

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Chargers & Docking Stations

We design and develop basic and “smart” chargers and docking stations of varying complexity to extract the most out of your rechargeable batteries – safely and reliably.

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Expert in developing batteries for patient monitoring, AED’s and defibrillators, portable ultrasound, X-Ray machines, hearing devices and more.

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Collaborative Product Development

Discover our collaborative product development approach to powering your Class 1, 2 or 3 medical devices – safely, reliably. Our comprehensive capabilities include expertise in a range of cell technologies.

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