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Whether developing a single urology component or a complete urology device, we can help.

A broad range of urology manufacturing solutions

Integer provides a broad range of development and manufacturing solutions for the urology market. Each guidewire we produce is the result of the combination of the highest-quality materials, precise design specifications and advanced manufacturing processes. As a collaborative partner, we provide a range of products that reduce development costs, minimize program risk and expedite time-to-market.


Urology Interventional Guidewires

As a world-leading developer and manufacturer of guidewires, we partner with customers on the design, development and manufacture of custom urology interventional guidewires.

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With hundreds of skilled technicians throughout our global manufacturing sites, our capabilities encompass the expertise required to successfully manufacture your medical device.

Quality and Regulatory

We maintain an industry-wide reputation as a manufacturer with high quality standards through enforcement of stringent quality, clinical and regulatory requirements.