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A Review of Cardiac Rhythm Management Technologies

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In a recent story on Cardiac Rhythm Management technologies, Medical Product Outsourcing spoke to several industry professionals on the factors and concerns affecting the CRM market both now and in the future. Participants included Integer’s Senior Director, Engineering, Cardiac Rhythm Management & Neuromodulation, Michael Druding, as well as, Rupa Basu, senior vice president of Marketing, Corporate Accounts, and Strategy at BIOTRONIK Inc., a developer, manufacturer, and seller of cardiovascular products and equipment. Michael J. Pederson, senior vice president, Cardiac Arrhythmias and Heart Failure at Abbott Laboratories, a global healthcare provider of nutritional and diagnostic products as well as branded generic pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

One of the main challenges is the need to meet miniaturization requirements on the IPG size while maintaining or improving functionality and longevity. CRM devices provide life-sustaining therapy where reliability is of critical importance. Integer has a long history of producing innovative components with a high degree of reliability. This is accomplished by placing quality and reliability first and foremost in our designs, manufacturing processes, and culture. Every associate at Integer is committed to the highest level of quality and patient safety. Integer has been able to keep pace with the market needs, and in many instances our technology has helped our customers push the boundaries of traditional designs to anticipate market needs for the next five to 10 years,” says Druding.

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Posted on 03/2016

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