Single Use cutting edge disposable surgical tools for Orthopedics | Integer

How Integer is creating cutting-edge disposable surgical tools

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Medical Design & Outsourcing (MD&O) magazine provides a glimpse into the different phases of Integer’s product development and production life cycle in an Engineering 911 feature titled “Here’s how Integer is creating cutting-edge disposable surgical tools for orthopedics.”

Published in its November 2017 issue, the story outlines how the team used innovative design techniques, lower-cost materials and testing systems to create single-use disposable bone-cutting tools that perform as well as the reusable kind:

“Stepping out of a traditional outsourcer role to get closer to our customers and better understand their needs and constraints has enabled us to proactively provide innovative solutions that address some of the most pressing challenges in the orthopedic surgery market today,” Gary Victor,  senior manager of orthopedics R&D, wrote in the article.

He added, “In this case, we took an existing reusable product and re-engineered it for disposable use, which led to a new fully designed system. The comprehensive solution has received high praise from our market leading customer base and proven successful in numerous settings, including Integer and customer testing labs as well as co-sponsored cadaver labs.”

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