Manufacturing Day 2018 - Where Technology & Touch Make a Difference

Modern Manufacturing – Where Touch and Technology Can Change the World

Manufacturing Careers

Integer Honors Manufacturing Day 2018Manufacturing has come a long way. What used to be an antiquated trade that served up minimum wage assembly line jobs has evolved into modern manufacturing being an innovative, technology-driven industry offering steady, lucrative careers. Yet, manufacturing job openings still outnumber applicants.

We’ve entered an era of a workforce with few factory workers. According to the Manufacturing Institute, it’s estimated that nearly 3.5 million U.S. manufacturing jobs over the next decade will be needed and 2 million of those jobs are expected to go unfilled due to the inability to find talent with the hybrid skills required.

Is it because today’s workforce has a low-tech view of what’s really a hands-on yet high-tech industry?

From advanced analytical software and automated services to 3D printing and industrial robots, the digital age has ushered in a new era that’s anything but antiquated on the factory floor. The skills needed to succeed in manufacturing are changing. There’s great demand for highly skilled professionals who can design, program and operate advanced technology in the manufacturing sector. This opens new options, choices and career paths for today’s industrial workforce.

It’s a new day in the manufacturing world; the factories of the future are here. At Integer, we’re proud of what we do. We’re at the forefront of innovating technologies and products that help change the face of healthcare, enabling us to provide our customers with a distinct advantage as they bring complete medical systems and solutions to market. In turn, our customers are able to accelerate patient access to life-enhancing devices.

The manufacturing industry can open doors for ambitious, tech-savvy talent. For centuries, manufacturers in the United States have brought eco-friendly solutions, lifesaving treatments, medical devices, safer cars and countless other everyday inventions and products that make our lives better.

Staying relevant with the required skills is critical to today’s manufacturing industry as Industry 4.0 brings forth rapid change and challenge.