Virtual Tubing Model Analysis Software Optimizes Catheter Design

Virtual Tubing Model prototyping software saves time

Thought Leadership

In this article for Medical Design & Outsourcing (MD&O), Integer tells how its Virtual Tubing Model (VTM) analysis optimizes catheter design to help engineers reach final design freeze faster and shorten time to market.

The article profiles Integer’s VTM software in a story written by Integer’s Michael Holt, Technical Solutions Director for C&V.  “Using a virtual tubing model analysis – such as Integer’s proprietary software – dramatically decreases the time and resources needed for physical prototyping,” Michael wrote in the article. “With VTM, complex multi-layer braided composite tubes can be modeled in minutes, compared to using 3D CAD modeling programs that may take hours and consume valuable time.”

The story goes on to say, “Based on a 20-year history of optimizing catheter designs, Virtual Tubing Model software is one of the most effective tools available today to predict prototype performance. The ability to create and overlay multiple reports for different design iterations allows engineers to identify performance patterns and pinpoint an optimal design more quickly.”

Integer’s VTM software helps speed catheter design three ways: rapid design modeling, adaptable design options, and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis.

MD&O – VTM Analysis Article