Innovation in Medical Device Manufacturing | Integer

Our Innovation

No other medical device manufacturer creates innovative solutions like Integer™. It results in a product continuum beyond expectation.

Your Partner at Any Stage

Customers engage Integer to leverage the innovative thinking, advanced R&D capabilities and vertically integrated supply chain. Our difference is represented in the multitude of IPs we have now and pending. No other medical device manufacturer offers this kind of innovation across a wide range of technologies. For Integer, it’s standard and what we strive for. 

Our design and development process includes regular customer input and report outs at key milestones, offering a predictable and repeatable way of ensuring that your projects stay on track. We help protect your production schedules, budgets, inventory requirements and, in turn, your reputation with on-time delivery rates of up to 99 percent. Throughout production, our stable supply chain, world-class manufacturing facilities and on-time delivery rates will help ensure your customers receive the quality devices they require.

We encourage you to visit one of our locations to better understand how partnering with our team can help free your resources to focus on what they do best — developing differentiated solutions for your customers. Then, hear (and see) what Integer does best — working collaboratively with your team to apply our expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing your product to specifications. The end result is a product continuum solution that enables you to build new technologies quickly and cost effectively.


Integer's Product Life Cycle