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Cardio & Vascular

Comprehensive design, development and manufacturing services for diagnostic & interventional cardiac & endovascular devices.

Integer’s Cardio & Vascular business line offers a full range of products and services for the development of diagnostic and interventional cardiac & endovascular devices. In collaboration with customers, we offer comprehensive design and development services across its state-of-the-art research and development facilities. Upon transition to manufacturing, Cardio & Vascular produces components, subassemblies, and finished devices for a range of cardiac and endovascular procedures.


Vascular Access

As an industry-leading supplier of vascular access medical devices, we supply a broad selection of off-the-shelf guidewires and introducers.

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As an industry-leader in the manufacture of diagnostic guidewires, we provide medical device OEMs access to a versatile portfolio of off-the-shelf PTFE-coated guidewires.

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Our deep experience in the cardiovascular market positions us to provide a comprehensive suite of outsourced manufacturing solutions for coronary stent tubing, coronary guidewires, coronary CTO crossing catheters and CTO microcatheters.

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Structural Heart

With deep clinical, engineering, regulatory and engineering expertise, we serve as an extension of our customer's team to develop and manufacture structural heart guidewires, device delivery system catheters and steerable introducer sheaths.

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Focused exclusively on the needs of medical device manufacturers, we provide engineering, regulatory and manufacturing services to develop coronary sinus access guidewires, transseptal access guidewires and needles, fixed curve sheaths, steerable introducer sheaths and EP catheters.

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Peripheral Vascular

Our know-how sets us apart in delivering high-performing and reliable embolic protection devices, inferior vena cava filters, peripheral vascular stent components and assemblies, AAA stent components and assemblies, lower-limb interventional guidewires, AAA guidewires, renal guidewires, carotid guidewires, venous guidewires, support catheters, guide catheters and step-up introducers.

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Our strong clinical, engineering and manufacturing expertise allows us to produce neurovascular stent components and assemblies, neurovascular guidewires, microguidewires, aspiration catheters, guide catheters and flow diverters for the complex cerebral anatomy.

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Our deep engineering and manufacturing expertise supports customers with a range of wire- and catheter-based design, development and manufacturing solutions for ureteral guidewires, ureteral catheters, ureteral stents and ureteral retrieval devices.

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Our proprietary manufacturing know-how and extensive engineering expertise allows us to construct microguidewires and microcatheters to exacting specifications and requirements.

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Infusion Therapy & Hemodialysis

We support medical device OEMs with a range of off-the-shelf products and co-development solutions for guidewires, stylets, PICC catheters, CVC catheters, hemodialysis catheters, implantable ports and peelable introducers.

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OEM Products

As an industry-leading supplier of medical devices to medical device OEMs, Integer provides a broad selection of off-the-shelf, regulatory approved guidewires, introducers, steerable sheaths and biopsy forceps.

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Ways We Partner

Medical Device Manufacturing

Our medical device manufacturing and process experts provide efficient, seamless precision manufacturing solutions in a lean environment.

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Manufacturing Transfer Program

We provide customers access to a range of well-managed product transfer solutions such as line duplication and prototype-to-production migration.

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Research, Design & Development

We provide turnkey design, development and manufacturing solutions that are cost effective and can be successfully manufactured.

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