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Enabling the success and advancement of our customers’ critical applications through the development of superior, non-medical power solutions.

Superior Power Solutions

For decades, companies around the world have chosen Electrochem for the best in non-medical power solutions. Our technological expertise and heritage for superior quality, reliability, and innovation are part of our DNA; deeply rooted from our origins when Wilson Greatbatch invented the battery for the first implantable pacemaker. Whether our products are being used to monitor potential environmental catastrophes, support troops on the battle field or explore geologic formations thousands of feet below the earth’s surface, one thing remains constant – failure is not an option.

  • With 40+ years of experience performing in the most demanding environments, Electrochem understands the importance of minimizing risk and achieving operational excellence.
  • Electrochem supports a wide range of critical applications; most notably in the energy, military and environmental markets.
  • With our seasoned team of engineers, scientists, regulatory experts and supply chain professionals, Electrochem is uniquely positioned to partner with you to create power solutions that exceed your expectations.


Primary Lithium Cells

Electrochem's primary lithium cells provide outstanding energy density and power output over a wide range of use conditions, made possible by innovative designs and advanced cell chemistries.

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Custom Battery Packs & Chargers

Electrochem offers a wide range of customized power solutions for your critical and/or demanding non-medical applications.

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Advanced Battery Technologies

Founded by the inventor of the battery for the first implantable pacemaker, Electrochem's drive for innovation is simply part of our DNA.

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Space Connection

Did you know that Electrochem cells were extensively used in space shuttle missions, most notably powering vital life support system functions during space walks.

Our Batteries Help Detect Tsunami’s

Did you know that Electrochem designed battery packs power the vast majority of Tsunami detection buoys?