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Power Solutions

Discover Integer's collaborative product development approach to safely and reliably power your Class I, II or III medical device.

Innovative approaches to medical device power solutions

Advancing medical device power solutions to improve life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enhancing applications is core to our roots.  In fact, it was our battery that powered the first successfully implanted pacemaker, leading to decades of leadership in implantable batteries.  Today, we power roughly 100 unique medical devices and touch millions of patients each year.  As your collaborative partner and ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered power expert, we can navigate the complex chemistries, technologies and supply chain required to provide you an optimized, robust and reliable power solution.


Battery Packs

As an expert in medical grade battery systems, we partner in design, product development, process validation and the manufacturing of battery packs for a full range of medical devices, including patient monitoring, AED’s and defibrillators, portable x-ray and ultrasound devices, surgical tools, hearing devices and more.

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Chargers & Docking Stations

We design and manufacture basic and intelligent single and multi bay battery chargers that seamlessly integrate with the medical device battery pack.

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