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IPG Components

End-to-End Product Solutions for your IPG device.


Implantable Batteries

We provide standard options for Primary (Non-rechargeable) and Secondary (Rechargeable) cells, as well as customized power source solutions.

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Unfiltered & Filtered Feedthroughs

Integer specializes in the development of custom hermetically sealed ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs & filtered feedthroughs ideal for active implantable medical devices.

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For decades our capacitor technologies have provided a reliable and safe power source for tachycardia devices.

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Header Assemblies

Integer manufactures and co-develops IPG header assemblies for a variety of cardiac rhythm and neuromodulation applications and indications.

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Device Enclosures

Integer is a leading supplier of medical stamped components, shallow and deep draw casings and assembly.

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Machined Medical Components

Integer provides contract manufacturing and co-development of virtually all types of components for IPG and header assembly. 

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