Custom Catheters for PICC, CVC, Hemodialysis, Implantable Ports

Catheters for PICC, CVC, Hemodialysis & Implantable Ports

We provide a full range of custom catheters to support every phase of the product life cycle.

  • Design and development of PICC catheters, CVC catheters, hemodialysis catheters and implantable ports.
  • Design and development of infusion therapy and hemodialysis devices, such as central venous catheters, introducer sheaths, and dilators.
  • Transfer of products and processes from one site to another to support product line transfer, line duplication, low-cost manufacturing, and prototype-to-production migration.
  • Manufacture of standard and custom infusion therapy and hemodialysis medical-device components, including braided shafts, polyimide tubing, and braided multi-lumen extrusions.
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM) to assure that final products can be repeatedly manufactured while meeting quality, reliability, and performance requirements.